African Political Systems

The government and politics of primarily sub-Saharan Africa, involves study of the people as well as their political institutions

Foreign Policy Analysis

Theory, practice, and analysis of foreign policy, with a focus on the United States and an emphasis on contemporary issues and basic ideas governing American foreign policy

Introduction to International Politics

Various approaches to the study of international politics

Introduction to LaTeX

Learn how to typset beautiful scientific documents

Introduction to Model United Nations

Preparation for and participation in model United Nations

Introduction to Political Analysis

Introduction to the discipline of political science, its subfields, and to the use of the social scientific method and logical inquiry

Introduction to U.S. Government

The constitution, government, and politics of the United States

Middle Eastern Political Systems

Major Middle Eastern political systems, with concentration on their common characteristics and major differences

Seminar in Political Economy

This course is designed to provide an overview of the literature on Comparative & International Political Economy

Spatial Econometrics

An introduction to spatial econometrics including topics such as contagion, clustering, interdependence, and spatial networks; various modeling strategies and software applications are covered