Political Methodology

X Marks the Spot: Discovering the Treasure of Spatial-X Models

We contend that spatial-X (SLX) models are a better reflection of typical theories about spatial processes.

GGPLOT2 Tutorial

I am in the process of creating a ggplot2 tutorial for my students. It will continue to grow as I get time. Feel free to check it here out and use any part of it as you wish.

Interpretation: The Final Spatial Frontier

Building on the example of the diffusion of democracy, we elucidate how our approach to interpretation can be applied to modern political science problems.

Does Information Lead to Emulation? Spatial Dependence in Anti-Government Violence

This study examines whether acts of anti-government violence exhibit spatial dependence across state boundaries.

Stata and Political Science

Stata is today one of the two most popular statistics programs among political scientists.